the Disneyland Paris expansion plans!

On 27 February 2018, The Walt Disney Company announced a major investment plan for Disneyland Paris over a number of years. A few days ago Disney released some new details about the expansion plans.
October 10, 2018

What was announced?

Disney released the information in the form of a document which is ment to inform the inhabitants of Marne La Vallee about the project. The document is only in French. It contains all of the information concerning the environmental impact assessment, but also the layouts of the announced themed areas. For the first time we see the exact layout of the buildings that will be constructed in Star Wars land and the Frozen themed area.

There will also be a preview center in the form of a moving truck (picture below). This truck wil be at different locations around Marne La Vallee in weeks to come. Here visitors will have time to ask their questions and give their opinions.

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Now, what we have all been waiting for since February 27th. The deadline! Although Disney didn’t give us an exact date on when all of the expansions will be completed, they announced that everything should be completed in 2025. So it looks like the coming 6 years will be very exciting for Disneyland Paris fans.

What they also announced is that only 1.5 billion euros of the grand total of 2 billion euros of investments will be used to create the new themed areas in the Walt Disney Studios. This means they will have 500 million euros to spare, which will only fuel speculation for many years to come.

There have been rumours about a new Indiana Jones ride (like the one in California) for years. And to be honest, the Disneyland Paris Park could really use a new ride by now. Not only because it is so long ago since the last new ride, but also because of capacity.


Also included in the document which was released is a small image of the park layout in 2026. This shows us more detail on what the building layouts will look like.

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In the location of where Star Wars land will be for example we can see the layout of the attraction that is going to be housed there. The layout looks to be very similar to the layout of the Battle Escape ride they are currently building in Walt Disney World and Disneyland in California.

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More details are most definitely to come as we will start to see some major changes to the Walt Disney Studios Park

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